Geographic Information Systems

Energy enterprises, public institutions, telecommunications corporations, transport companies, insurance companies, shops and real estate firms, and a variety of other companies are increasingly making use of the capabilities of geographic information systems (GIS) to solve their tasks. The scope of application of GIS in each enterprise is determined primarily by management and business objectives; it may be used for control and redistribution of material and financial resources, monitoring and network management of the pipeline system, defining advertising campaigns strategy, and traffic management, among other uses.

In recent years the main focus has been the integration of GIS with business enterprise applications. A modern geographic information system is not just a means of visualizing topographic and geospatial data; it is now one of the most important enterprise applications. Today, GIS functions not only as a map, or by providing data to other systems, but is also capable of analytical treatment of a whole array of different information systems, making GIS a valuable tool for analysis and management in the modern enterprise. GIS can be configured to interact with systems including enterprise asset management, (ERP, MRO), reporting, documentation management systems (DBMS), decision support, engineering design (CAD) systems, OSS / BSS, MES, process control, and SCADA.

Technoserv’s integrated management system for transport companies, for example, makes it possible to track the movement and condition of vehicles on an electronic map in real time, automatically generate routes that take into account current traffic situation, monitor the implementation of route assignments, and monitor the location of the vehicle to prevent the theft of the goods being transported. Implementing this kind of system improves the discipline of drivers, as well as by increasing vehicles’ turnaround time, and can reduce maintenance costs and fuel prices by 10-20%.

With considerable experience in the installation, maintenance and configuration of geographic information systems, Tehnoserv offers its customers ready-made solutions and the building of integration systems based on pre-project surveys.