Biometric systems

As a means of identification, biometrics is one of the most promising areas in the security field. The technology is based on defining unique biological data that are nearly impossible to manipulate such as a person’s face, fingerprints and iris. The facial recognition scanning system stands out, since physical contact with the device is not necessary: there is no need to touch or stop and wait for the system to work. Passing or stay in front of the camera for a short time is sufficient.

Technoserv offers a unique set of solutions related to the security of transport infrastructure, passenger check-in, controlled access to closed or secure areas, border control and forensic assessments:

  • Cascade Flow is an automatic identification system for individuals’ movement in crowds via video images, making it possible to search transportation facilities, crowded places and checkpoints.
  • Cascade Search is a system capable of identifying individuals from a photograph or identikit for use in operational background and specialist work.
  • Cascade Identikit is a software package that lets you create an accurate and realistic photofit of an individual based on a verbal description. The result can then be used to initiate a search using Cascade Search.
  • Cascade Control is a software package designed for the construction of biometric access control for secure areas.
  • Portrait Expert is a sophisticated software system designed for a full-cycle visual assessment that establishes the identity of individuals from their faces.
  • Reconstruction is a software system designed to form an estimated image of an individual using image projections of their skull.