Monitoring of IT Infrastructure

Performance issues with IT infrastructure to immediately affect the performance of business operations, providing a serious negative impact on profits and profitability. The record on its own IT infrastructure of any business value does not create and is among only the existence of applications providing execution of business processes, malfunctions, which may lead to stopping the activities of the company. Over the past few years the concept of "IT infrastructure" has increased significantly and now includes a full range of infrastructure equipment and applications: server hardware, storage systems, engineering equipment, databases and other application software. They also include various processes and resources associated with the service: planning, procurement, installation, administration, protection, updates, backups, etc. Basic criterion for the quality of IT infrastructure is a measure of readiness to offer IT services. In this case, evaluated the work of infrastructure and applications, not as separate, independent elements, as well as the functioning of multi-level distributed environment for the execution of business processes.

The landscape of the IT infrastructure of most companies is the nature of the "stars". The center of this architecture is the data center (Data Center), also includes a server component of all enterprise distributed applications such as SAP, Oracle Applications, Microsoft Applications, etc. As the finite elements are the branches by the standard design (ideally). Possible geographically dispersed branch offices to the time zones leads to stringent requirements on the availability of IT infrastructure: work mode 24x7x365 willing to not less than 99,5% (ie just less than 11 hours per quarter).

Providing such stringent requirements is impossible without an integrated approach that includes both the monitoring system of quality IT services and the organization and the subsequent process automation maintenance.

IT system monitoring

Control and monitoring of IT services enables automated management of applications and services, provides resources IT infrastructure.

Additionally possible to monitor the state of engineering systems in real-time operational control of equipment, access to information. In this case, all the management functions can be accessed from a single user interface.

Installation of this system is also needed for automatic maintenance of optimum conditions of the equipment and operational to prevent its failure. Centralized monitoring systems can reduce the breaks in the performance of IT services (such as routine maintenance of equipment), and some provide uninterrupted performance.

Control and monitoring of IT infrastructure provides:

  • monitoring of all important parameters of the IT Infrastructure in 24x7; centralized control of all parameters of the IT infrastructure (including systems engineering, control system environment, data transmission network, equipment, data centers, customer service) with a single operator workstation;
  • notification to IT staff and customers in the event of a risk or emergency situations;
  • reduced operational costs.

Organization of service processes based on methodologies ITIL.

Most of the accidents and emergency situations (up to 70%, according to Uptime Institute) in today's IT infrastructure due to erroneous actions of the attendants. To radically reduce the effect of this factor, Tehnoserv offers services to implement the processes and regulations of service, recommended methodologies ITIL Information Technology Infrastructure Library - Library information technology infrastructure for IT consultants, containing derived synthesis of international experience and recommendations solutions for infrastructure and organization of work enterprise systems. De facto, ITIL - a collection of world standards in the IT field. , In conjunction with automated information systems class ServiceDesk Customer Support or Tech Support - service structure, resolving user problems with hardware and software .. This solution will reduce operating costs and reduce interruptions in the provision of IT services, will monitor the level of SLA, to organize the control of maintenance and monitoring of regulations.