Data Center (DC) design, construction and modernization is an essential business direction of Technoserv Group. Company is recognized as a leader in complex projects of IT and DC infrastructure creation (CNews Analytics). Using deep competences and long-term industry expertise Technoserv successfully implements a huge number of integrated turn-key projects: from audit and project solutions selection (according to client business requirements) to implementation, service support and development of DC engineering and computing infrastructure.

Members of Technoserv engineering team are certified specialists in DC reliability levels (“Accredited Tier Designer” and “Accredited Tier Specialist” programs of Uptime Institute), in DC design (“Certified Data Centre Design Professional” (CNet) program), in project management of DC creation (Certified Data Centre Management Professional (CNet) program), PMP professionals, ASHRAE engineers and other experts. 

Technoserv DC practice offers life support systems design and development not only as a part of complex integration projects, but as a standalone service. For example it could be relevant for server rooms engineering infrastructure installation. In addition Technoserv separately provides computing systems implementation service.

Strategic partnership and effective cooperation with global leaders, best technological practices and in-house developments became basic components of high-leveled projects of Technoserv Group.

Key services and solutions in the field of DC construction:

  • IT EKIPAZH” Modular DC of Technoserv Group (“IT Crew” MDC)
  • Modular physical safe room
  • Modular compact DC (server racks safety)
  • DC audit and technical conception development
  • Project management
  • IT and engineering systems design
  • 3D and CFD modeling
  • Building information modeling (BIM)
  • Materials, hardware and software supply
  • Construction
  • Commissioning
  • Uptime Institute DC certification
  • IT systems service support