Corporate Network


Reliable network infrastructure is the foundation for successful business development of the modern enterprise, regardless of the scale and type of activity. For many enterprises, reliability and security of business is inseparable from the functioning of information systems, network disruptions lead to direct financial losses. Enterprise network infrastructure may consist of many interconnected subsystems, each of which solves a specific task. The basis for the implementation of various systems and data applications required for the efficient operation of the organization is a local area network, is a universal medium for the transmission of any type of traffic - data, voice, video, such as videoconferencing, video surveillance systems.

The main trend in the development of modern enterprise information systems is to centralize computing resources with the ability to access them from any geographically remote location, such as data centers. To implement this architecture is necessary to build reliable, secure and efficient network that covers all remote branches. Geographically distributed network will provide high-speed data transfer between branch offices and will organize the necessary level of communication for employees, partners and customers, regardless of their location.

The modern development of wireless data transmission allows businesses to organize the wireless access network resources with the same quality, which provide a wired network. Along with the absence of costs for cabling, it allows for quick deployment, launching the network in operation and enables the personnel to solve business problems at any time, anywhere.

Many companies will inevitably face the need to increase the capacity of its transport network, a reasonable solution could be to use the optimizer (or accelerators) bandwidth. System optimization of the traffic allows up to 50% reduction in rental costs of communication channels.

For transportation, industrial and energy enterprises company Technoserv offers Cable Communications operational dispatch communication, which work independently of the phone, so in case of failure of the last connection is not interrupted. Thus, the implementation of operative-dispatch communication significantly improves the speed and reliability of control, reduces the risk of uncontrollable situations. Thanks to the media warning of contingencies can be quickly identified and located, which significantly reduces the losses due to accidents and downtime.

The main objective of the communication system of the enterprise - to provide quality service staff of internal and external telephone communications. In addition to basic voice features modern stations provide a wide range of user services with the possibility of integration with corporate information systems. Most of today's decisions on the organization of corporate communication based on the technology of voice over IP-based networks.

Further development of systems of corporate communications is the concept of unified (unified) communications. Implementing Unified Communications platform allows the company to integrate the fragmented infrastructure of central offices and remote offices into a single unit, reduce costs for corporate and telecommunications, to achieve a substantial reduction in maintenance costs and communication infrastructure.

UC platform will combine into a single system the various modes of interaction - voice and video communication, email, messaging, mobile clients. As a result of this integration, employees of the company moving to a new level of business communication more efficient use of working time and the quality of customer service.

Company Technoserv offers modern video conferencing systems that provide competitive advantages to the enterprise by reducing travel expenses and reducing staff time to make important business decisions, and implement contact centers can leverage the company's resources to handle client calls and providing service of high level.