Big Data analytics and management technologies provide an integrated data mining after its extraction from big data flows, including unstructured data. The approach of Technoserv allows the integrally data array processing without any volume limits to get maximally complete and representative results of analysis.

By implementation of Big Data technologies Technoserv guarantees:

  • Data storage costs reduction
  • New data types effective processing (not previously used)
  • New types of service, including client services

Moreover the data analytics and administration ramp up business operation and management resolutions efficiency, accelerate response to market changes by real-time monitoring and recognition of current trends and relevant information.

Diverse business data processing and saturation with external information help companies to raise  marketing campaigns effectiveness, to develop products and services, to launch new commercial lines. Traditional corporate systems (CRM information, webstores and clients transactions), measurement facilities (equipment sensors and telemetry) and certain communication channels (social media messages and posts about company, current and potential clients requests to contact-center, etc.) may be recognized as data sources.

Big Data technologies and  analytics  practice give Technoserv’s corporate clients many opportunities in scaling, flexibility, application “as a service” and provide a broad range of services, including strategic planning and analytical products and services design, development, implementation, automation and launch on the market. All the effective Big Data solutions are based on innovative products developed by DBMS, systems statistical analysis and data processing global leaders – from EMC, Hortonworks, IBM, Informatica, Microstrategy, Oracle, Teradata up to Open Source community members. In addition the Big Data Management complexes of Technoserv company meet the specific requirements of financial, telecommunications, logistics, transport, industrial, fuel and gas, digital and government sectors.

Key Data Management and Analytical Services:

  • Consulting
  • Design and development
  • Service Support
  • Data Integration
  • Master data (reference data) management
  • Business analytics (BA)

Key Data Management and Analytical Solutions:

  • Enterprise Data Warehouse implementation, support and development
  • Management and corporate reporting
  • Behavioral analytics
  • Advanced analytics
  • Anti-fraud instruments

Applied technologies:

  • Instruments of Big Data ecosystem
  • High-loaded Data Warehouses
  • Special Purposes Complexes
  • Real-Time Systems
  • Business Intelligence