Data processing and storage

Centralizing data processing and storage can improve a company’s management accounting and make it more flexible, enhancing business performance. The hardware and software infrastructure designed to operate centralized IT services can be combined in data centers that are responsible for the organization of intra-business processes. Technoserv can construct or upgrade customers’ data centers in accordance with specific requirements. The installation of a mobile data center makes it possible to deploy enterprise IT infrastructure extremely rapidly, introducing additional capacity, while the data center can be located in an unequipped space, such as a warehouse. Additional equipment can also be installed at an existing data center.

Building a data center involves building and combining computing systems, physical infrastructure and telecommunications links. 

Modern storage systems and data play a vital role in supporting key business processes as well as ensuring accessibility of information and that all business applications operate securely. Computing infrastructure must ensure: 

  • Business continuity and the protection of corporate data. Success in a competitive environment depends on the continuity of business-critical applications, so one of the main tasks of infrastructure is to ensure a given level of accessibility in conformance with a pre-formulated agreement (SLA). All data that can be stored or processed should be stored securely and backed up.
  • Scalability and adaptability. For growing and dynamic companies, infrastructure has to expand without radical and costly rebuilding. Efficient and scalable infrastructure should provide modular capacity expansion as needed, with the ability to move quickly to meet changing demands from business applications. Adaptive infrastructure must be able to redistribute power between the hard-to-predict needs of applications and services.
  • Reduced costs and increased transparency in the cost of ownership for businesses.

  Cost optimization is one of the key tasks for any modern company. Today, technology consolidation and virtualization of computing resources and storage resources are widely used, with the same piece of hardware running a variety of isolated tasks and dynamically allocating resources between them, depending on what the business demands.

A qualitatively new approach to handling user data, which data center resources are provided to users as a service called "cloud computing» (cloud computing). In this case the user does not invest in the organization of the data center as such, does not care about maintaining the data center infrastructure, availability of hardware and software, the user pays only for services for processing of their data with the specified performance. Data organization using the cloud makes it possible to control costs as much as possible.