Industrial Equipment

The growth and consolidation of companies, increasing data volume and number of information flows have lead to the necessity of centralizing data processing and the implementation of major information systems *.

The requirements for quality and reliability in information storage and processing, and increased attention to information security and the reliability of corporate financial data, requires upgrading IT infrastructure. Audits of large companies’ intellectual property assets always pay attention to whether the company possesses a backup data center, and how it was built, in terms of risk management, to ensure business continuity.

Projects in computer information systems infrastructure make up Technoserv’s traditional line of business, which the company has engaged in since 1992. Past experience makes it possible to implement the most effective solutions based on the most promising technologies.

In 2010, Technoserv realized a project for Mareven Food Central to create virtualized computing infrastructure that would increase server utilization to 60%, and reduce the amount of hardware and reduce energy inefficiency.

* According to IDC, the amount of corporate data grows by about 70% each year.