According to statistics, up to 70% of terrorist acts occur on or near public transport infrastructure.

Technoserv’s Integrated Security System provides non-stop control over infrastructure, monitoring suspects in public places through CCTV cameras, and also significantly improves the accuracy of identification at check-in.

Facial recognition stands out among other biometric systems, since physical contact with the device is not necessary: there is no need to touch or stop and wait for the system to work. Passing or stay in front of the camera for a short time is sufficient.

As part of anti-terrorist measures in the Moscow subway, Technoserv developed a video surveillance system stretching over 80 km along the Circle, Sokolniki and Zamoskvoretskaya lines. More than 450 train carriages of rolling stock are equipped with cameras that can perform facial identification in less than one second from huge arrays of databases, with a probability of correct recognition of up to 94%.