Slowing subscriber growth and a significant reduction in ARPU are forcing telecommunications companies to make their business more efficient by reducing the cost of data transfer and service differentiation.

The provision of new services requires upgrading transport networks and access network operators. One of the most effective technologies is recognized to be DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) which allows you to analyze and manage the volume of traffic and protocols.

Integration opportunities DPI with management platforms makes it possible to provide a changeable set of services that is cost-effective services that contribute to increased profits. Only companies with expertise and certified professionals can implement such upgrades quickly and at minimal cost, while ensuring an appropriate quality of work and avoiding disruptions to the client organization.

In late 2010, Technoserv began to participate in a project to upgrade the network, based on the introduction of DPI technology. The project aims to optimize the use of traffic subscribers and enable operators to receive additional annual profits.