Technoserv upgrades automated traffic management system

2006 saw the launch of Improving Road Safety in 2006-2012, a federal initiative aimed at reducing the number of people killed in road traffic accidents by 150% in 2012 compared with 2004. The key activity of the programme is to improve the organization of vehicles and pedestrians in urban areas, which involves improving the flow of vehicles and pedestrians, introducing modern methods of regulating traffic flow, comprehensive traffic management schemes, improving the organization of pedestrian traffic, reducing the role of road conditions in accidents, increasing the capacity of the road network, and carrying out engineering activities in accident black spots.

Beginning in 2007, Technoserv became a provider of public contracts for the modernization of automated traffic management systems (ATMS). By 2010, the company had upgraded more than 730 automated systems in 42 Russian regions. As part of its efforts to modernize ATMS, Technoserv conducted a comprehensive reconstruction and overhaul of the management system and its equipment, traffic light controls, environmental sensors, transport detectors, countdown displays at red lights, additional audio devices for pedestrians, and advanced software.

The long-term cooperation of Technoserv in managing a considerable portion of this federal road safety initiative shows its public-spiritedness and professionalism in carrying out projects of any complexity.